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Your choice is Bali's finest accommodations

Bali is the most well known island in Indonesia, that attracts tourism from all over the world. Besides being an island that offers many activities and cultural aspects for travellers, mostly the island Bali is the start and ending point for travellers that explore the rest of Indonesia.

On Bali we offer hand picked, unique accommodation in various styles. To make it easier for you, we have categorised all accommodation in various budgets. Enjoy choosing the right accommodations for your stay in Bali!


Per night

Padang Breeze is not a homestay, it's more a home away from home with very clean and well designed rooms and the best Seafood BBQ in whole of the Bukit!! Balinese owner Nyoman, happy surfer and his family are proud to welcome you in their cozy homestay and be your host during your stay.

per night


per night

This is one of the best traditional Balinese guesthouses in the city centre of Kuta. With just 9 rooms, this Balinese owned accommodation has kept its uniqueness and privacy. All rooms are very clean, have warm water and include breakfast and WIFI. The friendly owner, ibu Ketut and her well trained staff are very family friendly and love to have a chat about Bali life while enjoying the afternoon tea or coffee

per night

This homestay is located in the Bukit and is close to cheap local restaurants and supermarkets. A room with enough privacy, but still if you want to, you can interact with the other international guests who are also staying here.

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